Who can get married in New Zealand?

Anyone can marry in New Zealand, as long as you’re not already married, under 16 (if you’re 16 or 17, you need your parents’ consent) or closely related by birth, marriage or adoption. Both different sex and same sex marriages are legal in New Zealand.


When to apply for your marriage licence and how?

You can’t get married in NZ without a marriage licence. You need to apply at least three working days before you want to get married. You can apply online in most cases or in paper form. Consider any public holidays which may affect delays in issuing the licence.
Your marriage licence is valid for 3 months from the date it’s issued.

Your New Zealand marriage licence costs $150 if you’re getting married by a celebrant.

Applying for a marriage licence is your responsibility. However, I am familiar with the process and can provide guidance.

Check out this link for more information: https://www.govt.nz/browse/family-and-whanau/getting-married/get-a-marriage-licence/#how-you-apply


What if we currently live outside NZ but want to get married in NZ?

No problem, this is possible. You may need to fill out a different form depending on when you arrive in New Zealand. The link below provides all answers to this question. I am familiar with the process and can provide guidance.



What if we have been married before?

If you are divorced or your partner died, you will need the details of the dissolution/divorce or the date of death of your spouse on the Notice of Intended Marriage form. You may be asked to produce the details of your dissolution/divorce so either take/send a copy of the relevant details.

If you got married overseas but want to hold another wedding ceremony in NZ, unfortunately this is not possible. I cannot marry you again in New Zealand as this is illegal. However, we could look into doing a renewal/confirmation of your vows or have a blessing ceremony.


Where can we get married?

You can get married at any place you choose in New Zealand. The place must be stated on the marriage licence. This includes any outdoor areas, mountain tops, beaches, parks, boats etc. You are given the option of two choices of venues on your licence application and we are legally bound to conduct your ceremony at either of those places. It is recommended that you state a second venue if you are planning on marrying outdoors.
The choice of two venues provides for a wet weather option. 

If you are planning to hold the ceremony on council land, don’t forget to seek approval from the relevant council to avoid double bookings.


What can be included in the ceremony?

There are lots of options I can recommend, including family/ friend involvement, music, readings, poems and rituals.
It adds a really personal feel to your ceremony.


How much will the celebrant be involved?

As a celebrant I can be involved as much as you like in drafting and officiating the ceremony. I will work with you to provide a ceremony that meets your needs. However, I have to take an active role in making sure the legal aspects are met and officiating over the legal aspects of the ceremony. Fortunately, there are not many legal aspects. We will go over them together in our first meeting.


Do you do same sex marriages?

I am very happy to perform same sex marriages – love is love.


We’re thinking of planning something a bit different
– can you help us?

Absolutely – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.