Meet & Greet

After initial contact we will organise a free, no obligation meeting to get to know each other and to establish whether I am the right celebrant for you. This meeting can either be in person, over the phone or online. I tailor my packages to each couple’s ideas and requirements. We will discuss a personalized quote for you in the meeting.

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First meeting

We have established that we are great fit. We will arrange for our first planning meeting (either in person, over the phone or online). We paint a picture of how your big day will look and feel. I am happy to give suggestions and share experiences but the emphasis is on establishing your unique ceremony style. I will give you some homework in the form of a personal questionnaire.

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Thinking Stage

We will allow some time for further brainstorming. You can contact me anytime and use me as a sounding board to bounce off ideas – Timely responses are guaranteed. I can supply you with helpful information about getting your licence organised, inspiration for symbolic rituals, readings and poems and a cheat sheet for getting started on your personal vows including sample vows.

Second meeting

We will go into the in-depth planning and we will establish a run sheet for the ceremony and my checklist will make sure nothing is forgotten.

Second meeting
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Ceremony Design and Writing

I will write up your bespoke ceremony, which will be overseen and signed off by you. I never use templates. I always start with a blank paper.


We will meet 1-5 days before the ceremony to rehearse the choreography. Rehearsing your ceremony beforehand will give you confidence and help to manage nerves on the day.

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On the day

Ceremony Officiation and Delivery

I will be at your venue 45min before the ceremony starts to make sure every detail is as discussed and I will prep the music manager and other involved parties. The ceremony duration is usually between 20-45minutes depending on your wishes.

I will supply you with the fully written ceremony as digital or paper copy as a keepsake.